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A Henrieka Summer

Henrieka Farm Center provides fun and enriching summer sessions that highlight the unique elements of nature based learning.  Children will experience joy through free play, nature and farm exploration along with structured theme based learning activities.  

Our mixed aged program will uniquely combine children ages 4-12, providing amazing mentoring experiences while creating a fun and enriching environment for all.  Our teachers have experience with multiple grade levels and are able to individualize expereinces to meet the needs of all!

Each session runs 1 week, Monday-Friday 9am to 4pm on the beautiful and unique Henrieka Farm!

Sold Out for summer 23! 
Check back in February 2024 for next summer's camps!

Vet Week

Pond Week

Cave-Rocks Week

August - 14-18

($40 materials fee)

*All children will need a helmet and headlamp/flashlight 

-Explore our mapped cave with the cavers association

-conduct cave/trail maintenance

-watercolor in our cave entrance

-gemstone excavation

-learn about rock types on a field trip to Thatcher Park with an environmental educator

July 31-August 4

($50 materials fee)

--examine a sheep skeleton

--dissect an owl pellet

--visit with a large animal vet

--groom the cows

--participate in daily farm chores 

--animal related crafts 

- examine a chicken egg

August 7-11

*All children will need waders. We highly suggest “Waterproof youth waders with boots” from amazon (around $35)

-Learn about the pond and it's ecosystem by wading through it's waters

-Create your own living mini pond to take home

-Explore the fossil filled creek and entrance to the caves that the pond flows into 

-Explore the wetlands behind the pond and learn about the animals/grasses that thrive in these areas.

Required Gears

​*There's no bad weather, just bad gear!*

  • Quality rain gear 

  • Change of weather appropriate clothes

  • Backpack to be carried on walks

  • Filled water bottle

  • Farm boots

  • Weather appropriate gear

  • Whole food, energy sustaining snacks and lunch

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