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A Henrieka Summer

April Break Camp

The Henrika Farm Family is expecting Twins this summer! Due to this we are offering an april break camp instead of summer camps.  Thank you for understanding and we hope you can still enjoy!

Henrieka Farm Center provides fun and enriching break sessions that highlight the unique elements of nature based learning.  Children will experience joy through free play, nature and farm exploration along with structured theme based learning activities.  

Our mixed aged program will uniquely combine children ages 4-12, providing amazing mentoring experiences while creating a fun and enriching environment for all.  Our teachers have experience with multiple grade levels and are able to individualize experiences to meet the needs of all!

Each session runs 1 week, Monday-Friday 9am to 4:30pm on the beautiful and unique Henrieka Farm!

April Break Camp

April 1- April 5, 9am to 430pm 

$50 materials and registration fee

$250 Full week tuition

A full farm exploration camp.  

-Explore the pond and its ecosystem

-Hunt for fossils and explore the rocks which created the caves

-Learn about and help with seed starting and garden prep

-Participate in daily animal care and spring farm tasks

Required Gear

​*There's no bad weather, just bad gear!*

  • Quality rain gear 

  • Change of weather appropriate clothes

  • Backpack to be carried on walks

  • 2 Filled water bottle

  • Farm boots

  • Weather appropriate clothing

  • Whole food, energy sustaining snacks (2) and lunch

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