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Little Sprouts

A nature preschool at heart, children ages 3-6 will come to Henrieka Farm Center to grow right along side our garden, lambs and each other! Their days of exploring, caring for the farm and learning through doing will leave them tired, possibly dirty and absolutely fulfilled! 

Operates generally in line with the Berne-Knox-Westerlo published school calendar and all snow/weather delays. 

A 2.75 hour program daily from 8:30am-11:15am

Interested in enrolling? 


Tuition Schedule

All rates are for the full school year (Sep-June, in accordance with BKW school calendar)

  • 2 days (Tues/Thurs): $2,300

*Registration and materials deposit (nonrefundable): $250

Required Gear

*There's no bad weather, just bad gear!*

  • Quality rain gear (look out for group discounts) 

  • Backpack to be carried on walks

  • Nature notebook

  • Filled water bottle

  • Farm boots

  • Weather appropriate cold weather gear

  • Whole food, energy sustaining snack


Daily Rhythm

Student led exploration and activities are a key component of our program.  However, we will structure our day loosely.  That daily rhythm is below. 

  • 8:30- Welcome song and message

  • 9:00- Farm chore check in and walk

  • 10:00- Free play and exploration

  • 10:45- Read aloud and sharing circle

  • 11:15- Goodbyes and pickup

What will the little sprouts do each day?

  • Explore textures and makeup of mud, soil, water

  • Wonder at new and growing life in the garden and pasture

  • Collect chicken eggs

  • Feed and water the animals

  • Spend time with the farm animals (sheep, cows, poultry and goats)

  • Listen to stories

  • Write or draw about things they notice through exploration and share with friends

Plus much, much, more!

Student Teacher ratio will not exceed 8 to 1


NYS Learning Benchmarks Addressed

It is important to note that the Little Sprouts program does not follow a set curriculum.  Instead the below benchmarks (and more) are addressed through free play, guided farm experiences, nature exploration and the occasional child-led academic activities.

  • Development of gross motor skills and large muscle group use

  • Getting dressed in weather appropriate clothes

  • Identifying/communicating sights, sounds, smells and tastes

  • Asking questions and actively exploring how the world works

  • Identifying materials needed to accomplish a task

  • Problem solving; engaging in play as a method of learning; adapting to change

  • Using vocabulary relevant to what is being observed

  • Following spoken directions; counting in sequence using 1 to 1 correspondence

  • Identifying and naming measurable attributes

  • Planning and conducting investigations

  • Use of tools to make work easier

  • Recognizing similar characteristics in animals

  • Recognizing and appreciating community helpers

  • Fulfilling responsibilities within the community

  • Recognizing our connection to the earth. 

Lunch Buddies

Yearly add-on fee: $650

An add on program where teachers and learners will join together in socialization and lunch (family provided).  Seasonal usage of farm produce will give opportunities for cooking projects! Outdoor eating and play will be incorporated.

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