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Growers Group

In 1837, Friedrich Froebel founded one of the first schools for children under the age of 7 emphasizing hands on work and play in the garden to facilitate learning.  This school was called (when translated) Children's Garden and latter became kindergarten.

Henrieka Farm Center's Growers Group will prepare children for their academic journey ahead by extending their time on the farm and engaging them in individualized learning activities appropriate for them as an individual. 


With only 4 children enrolled, the Growers group will stay for an extended day (11:30-5pm) on the farm 2 times a week. They will receive individualized early academics to help introduce them to learning filled with love. Reading, writing, math and science will be highlighted throughout the year with high interest activities. 

This program would be excellent to supplement a homeschooling program or to give your child an extra year living in the wild in place of kindergarten.  Academic routines and practices will be introduced, children enrolling should have interest in beginning their educational journey. 

Interested in enrolling? 


Tuition Schedule

All rates are for the full school year (Sep-June, in rough accordance with BKW school calendar)

3 days 

  • 2 Extended Days- Tuesday/Thursday (11:30-5pm) 

  • $5,000

*Registration and materials deposit (nonrefundable): $250

Required Gear

*There's no bad weather, just bad gear!*

All programs include high quality rain suit, water proof gloves, snow suit, winter gloves, backpack and fleece for use while at Henrieka Farm Center.

  • Change of clothes, socks and weather appropriate layers

  • 2 Filled water bottles

  • Waterproof Farm boots (insulated for winter)

  • Weather appropriate base layers

  • Whole food, energy sustaining snacks and lunch


Daily Rhythm

Students enrolled in the Growers Group begin their day joining in on the lunch buddies program. Following lunch and goodbyes of our Little Sprouts, the Growers will head into the schoolhouse or a learning area for a calm story and circle time.

From noon-3pm Growers will engage in fun and individualized academics and group-based life skills in a love filled, literacy rich environment. 

After our small group time, the Growers will again join in with the Saplings, project-based program until 5pm. 

Perfect for the Homeschooling Family interested in a part-time, unique program!


NYS Learning Standards Addressed

  • Discussion and recognition of key details in a text

  • Recognizing and understanding the elements of print and books

  • Foundational Phonological Awareness

  • Matching sounds to print and script letters

  • Reading high frequency words

  • Retelling experiences and knowledge through written works

  • Proper use of prepositions, question words, nouns and verbs. 

  • Counting in sequence, counting items, recognizing and writing numbers. 

  • Beginning addition and subtraction

  • Recognizing and use of money

  • Classifying objects

  • Basic geometry with shapes

  • Develop a concept of time

Most importantly, an emphasis on child led discovery will help to foster a love of learning and doing to help set students up for continued success. 

Please contact us directly for more information and enrollment details.

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