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Saplings After Care

A agricultural and nature based afterschool recreational program which focuses on getting children outside and away from technology.  Children will learn the value of hard work by participating in daily farm chores and projects to include pasture and structure maintenance, animal husbandry and plant and garden care.  This mixed age program will foster teamwork, leadership fundamentals and friendship in a natural and supported environment.

Their afternoons of exploring, caring for the farm and learning through doing will leave them tired, possibly dirty and absolutely fulfilled! 

Operates generally in line with the Berne-Knox-Westerlo published school calendar and all snow/weather delays. 

We will begin at 3:15 pm (bus drop off) each day to help end our learners days with fresh air and hard work!

Interested in enrolling? 


Required Gear

*There's no bad weather, just bad gear!*

  • Quality rain gear (look out for group discounts) 

  • Backpack to be carried on walks

  • Nature notebook

  • Filled water bottle

  • Farm boots

  • Weather appropriate cold weather gear

  • Whole food, energy sustaining snack

We will have a space at the center for students to store their farm gear!


Daily Rhythm

Saplings will help with fundamental farm chores and projects, while encouraging child led exploration and investigation of the forested areas.  This daily rhythm is fluid and may change based on student needs each day.

  • 3:15- Welcome message and daily task discussion

  • 3:30-Farm chore check in and project work, as applicable 

  • 4:15- Free play and exploration

  • 4:45- Sharing circle and goodbyes


What will saplings do each day?

  • Collect chicken eggs

  • Feed and water the animals

  • Spend time with the farm animals (sheep, cows, poultry and goats)

  • Practice leadership and teamwork skills

  • Learn about and work with a variety of hand tools to complete essential farm projects

  • Explore the pastures and forested areas on the farm

  • Plant and tend crops

Most importantly, spend hours away from technology!

Yearly Fees:

  • A $250 non-refundable deposit/material fee due at registration. Materials fee includes a high quality rain suit, snow suit and waterproof gloves for use at the farm.

  • $1,700 for the 2023-24 year 

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