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Henrieka Farm Center

An educational center located on a family and veteran run homestead. 

Henrieka Farm Center

Our Mission

To connect our country's youngest learners and their community with the land around them while nurturing them into compassionate and critical thinkers through an immersive and educational experience on a working farm.

2024-2025 Programs at a Glance

Programs at Glance

Little Sprouts Farm School

A nature and play based pre-school program for ages 3-6 set in the midst of a working farm!

Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-11:30

With the Lunch Buddies program we join together for lunch from 11:30-12:30.

*4 day/week option for returning and older learners

Saplings After Care

An agricultural based after care focused on farm projects, discovering the value of nature and instilling work ethic through play and discovery.  Best for ages 5-12

Tuesday/Thursday 3:15-5pm

*Can be dropped off by parent or from the BKW bus

The Growers Group

A homeschool enrichment program on the farm integrating individualized educational activities in a small group and literacy rich environment.  Admission interview required. 2 to 1 teacher:student ratio

Tuesday/Thursday 11:30-5pm

Specialty School Year Programs

We want everyone to experience the farm in the way best for them! 

1 day a week programs specially designed for our unique populations.

Farm Explorers group-

Ages 4-8 who may have unique learning needs and do best in small groups.  

Toddlers on the Farm-

Walking age to 3 and ready to explore!

Summer Programs

Throughout the Summer, Henrieka Farm Center focuses on the value of community, bringing unique summer sessions and classes to learners of all ages. From children's week long sessions, and adult homesteading/parenting groups. 

Why Farm School?

Henrieka Farm school will nurture children through free play, calculated and supervised risk and an immersive education into the field of agriculture, directly connecting them to not only the world around them but their food supply.  Children will learn from a young age how to take care of themselves and others while learning through experience the fundamental literacy and educational practices needed to develop them into productive and engaged citizens of their communities.

"The child should step forth increasingly independently into the splash and challenge of nature"

-Friedrich Frobel, inventor of kindergarten (direct translation: "the children's garden")

"The many skills children develop through play, particularly the self-control practiced and refined in imaginary play, are related to long-term academic achievement."

-Banning and Sullivan 2011


"Solving dilemmas and conflicts that arise in play encourages children to compromise and to cooperate.  This process can cultivate a range of social and emotional capabilities such as empathy, flexibility, self-awareness, and self-regulation."

-Burdette and Whitaker, 2005

Flower Plant

A 1998 20 year study showed significantly higher discipline and arrest rates in adolescents who had early education with less than 20% free play.

-Weikart 1998

Provides real world context for learning while helping students learn, understand, appreciate and care for our natural heritage.

-Scotland Forestry Commission (2009)

Significantly less cases of ADHD as compared to traditional Pre-K. 

-Lisa Molmot and Swiss Pediatrician, 2013


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