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Is it summer or winter? Basket 10!

Nature does everything for a reason.

This is never seen truer than in October in a garden. The late summer is exceptionally busy on a market farm/homesteading. The gardens are producing abundantly and all that produce needs to be harvested, managed and preserved less it go fully to waste. Spent plants need to be removed and fall crops are to be seeded in order to maintain the vigor of the soil and halt the weed cycle.

Meanwhile, the garden is still full of the cold weather crops. It's abundance smiling each time you walk out through the gate. This time in between is a quick pause before the frantic first frost shenanigans begin (think.... covering plants with sheets, getting more plastic on the greenhouse, harvesting and preserving EVERYTHING that will no deal with a kiss of cold). But that pause does not mean the garden goodies stop, they are just slower and a bit and there.

Due to this mid harvest pause, for this weeks basket we invite you to step into the garden and see what there is ready. You can pick your own basket as full as you wish! Interested in all the medicinal herbs we have growing? Take a large bushel full. Hoping for tomatoes in every stage of ripeness? Take 10 of each! The basket this week is as customizable as you would like and we will help guide you through what is left.

The garden is still a glorious place to be, with surprising gems hidden below green leaves. Enjoy some photos taken today and a preview list of what remains.

Summer Crops coming to an end

Winter crops waiting to mature

Tomatoes, herbs, (some) cantaloupe, Kale, flowers, celery, peppers, ground cherries, tomatillos, greens.

Sweet potatoes, Brussel Sprouts, Winter Squash (a lot), Loofa, pumpkins, celery, leeks, radish, beets, carrots, cabbage, kale, cilantro

Come join me in the garden during this magical pause. We can chat about uses for the delicious abundance you gather, what you are hoping to still get and what we should plant next year!



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