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Community Supported Agriculute brings you into the food chain by supporting your farm up front and being rewarded with bi-weekly produce and farm products.


This is an exceptionally unique year on the farm.  The Abriel family is expecting twins sometime this summer!  We greatly value providing locally grown fresh food to our community and did not want to stop that this year.  Due to this, CSA shares will be unique this year.  First, they are a highly discounted rate of $250 per share (normally $400).  Next, we will be packaging the bi-weekly baskets for the first part of the summer and in the fall, but during the middle of the summer when the twins make their arrival, we ask that members come and harvest their own baskets from the garden (with tips/advice from us).  We will stay in close contact with all members and help as much in the processes as possible.  This gives our family and yours more flexibility while still allowing you to access fresh products from a local farm committed to building community, educating our youth and shortening the supply chain while providing nutrient dense food goods to those closest to us. 


Henrieka Farm's 2024 CSA is open for share purchases. Our 'small family' farmstead share is cultivated, grown and harvested with love on our own small, family run farm. Each basket will provide you with the bounty which we tend to on the farm. This includes a variety of vegetables (that our young family loves and eats), fresh chicken eggs, farm goods such as honey, fruit, both culinary and medicinal herbs, and fresh cut flowers. You will receive bountiful baskets every other week from approximately June to mid October. Based on customer comments, we have changed pickup to every other week to make it easier on shareholders and to allow for more productive and regenerative harvesting practices. Your basket will be bursting at the seams to allow you to meal plan and satisfy your farm fresh food needs over the 2 weeks.


2024 CSA

$400.00 Regular Price
$250.00Sale Price
  • Farming is a risky business, dependent on the whim of mother nature.  With your CSA share, you agree to take on some of the risk experienced daily by farmers.  You understand that we will do our best to provide a basket of fresh farm goods weekly, and we understand that you will stand by us if the worse happens and we are unable to provide. 

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