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Pasture raised, freedom ranger meat birds. These birds do not grow as fast as traditional meat chickens meaning they are healthier and able to forage on pasture, adding to the nutritional value in the end.  

Henrieka Farm chickens are anticipated to be ready for pick up the week of August 26th and  can be purchased whole or parted.  They will average 3-5 lbs and are $6 per pound.

Reserve your birds now with a $10 deposit per bird (will be taken out of your final price). 


A standard freezer, attached to your refridgerator can hold around 15 whole chickens.  Stock up for the year if you have a chest freezer! 


Know where your food comes from and what goes into it- buy locally from Henrieka Farm and boost the nutritional value of your dinner while supporting a local family committed to making community and educating our youth. 

Pasture Raised Chicken Deposit

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